Top 5 hospitals in Hanoi around the Sun Grand Thuy Khue project

Sun Grand City is located at a prime location along West Lake – 69B Thuy Khue, this is a luxury apartment project of Sun Group. One of the amenities Sun Grand City’s residents are interested in is the hospital system around the project.

Sun Grand Tay Ho project – at 69 B Thuy Khue is located in Tay Ho district, adjacent to Ba Dinh district. Owning a central location in the city, around the Sun Ho Tay project, there is an extremely diverse system of medical examination and treatment hospitals, with hospitals from public hospitals to international hospitals.


Thu Cuc Hospital – 1.5 km from Sun Tay Ho
After a decade of operation, Thu Cuc International Hospital is the medical system that ranks in the top 3 of private hospitals and top 5 for the whole hospital with the leading quality score in Hanoi. Thu Cuc International Hospital marks its mark with the quality of medical examination and treatment and customer care.
After a period of development and construction, Thu Cuc General Hospital has 2 facilities at 286 Thuy Khue and 216 Tran Duy Hung.

Hong Ngoc International General Hospital at 55 Yen Ninh – about 2 km from Sun Tay Ho
Established in 2003, Hong Ngoc Hospital has nearly 20 years of operating in the medical field. Hong Ngoc Hospital with 500 beds and more than 200 doctors treating over 5 facilities in Hanoi. Every day, the hospital welcomes more than 1200 times medical examination and treatment, proving the trust of people in medical examination/treatment. Hong Ngoc Hospital develops and makes a special mark on the maternity service – with over 17 years of experience.

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MEDLATEC Clinic- about 3 km from Sun Tay Ho
The strength of Medlatec hospital/clinic is to test blood index with modern testing equipment, the test frequency can be up to thousands of samples in 1 day. With more than 24 years of development, Medlatec hospital/clinic is not only successful in the field of testing but also in the specialties and general to specialized health exams.
Medlatec welcomes more than 5000 individual patients and more than 8000 insurance visits (from partner companies) to visit the hospital.
Address of Medlatec clinic at 99 Trich Sai, only about 3 km from the project along Thuy Khue street


Sanit Paul General Hospital (Green Pon) – About 2 km from Sun Thuy Khue

Xanh Poly Hospital was established in 1970, on the basis of merging 4 units: Sanit Paul Hospital, Pediatric Hospital, Ba Dinh Quarter Hospital and Hanoi Gynecology Clinic. Sanit Paul Hospital (Xanh Pon) is one of the major hospitals in Hanoi, which is equipped with modern medical equipment and has successfully treated many serious cases.
The hospital’s address is at 12 Chu Van An, near Ho Chi Minh’s mausoleum and only about 2 km from Sun Grand City Thuy Khue

Military Medical 354 Hospital – within a radius of 1.5 km from Sun Grand City Thuy Khue
354 Military Hospital is a long-term hospital, established over 70 years (in 1949). The mission and mission of the hospital are to give emergency and treatment to more than 100 focal points, with more than 250 beds, diverse subjects, including officers at all levels of the Ministry of Defense, military services, general departments, health insurance, and medical services. At the same time, to develop on-demand medical examination and treatment services with standard service quality.

The medical examination and treatment system around the Sun Grand Thuy Khue project is highly appreciated with 5 hospitals in the top of the top quality hospitals in Hanoi city. Classy residents at Sun Grand City Thuy Khue not only enjoy high-quality service, fresh air but also enjoy facilities such as hospitals and standard education.

Sun Grand City Scale

  • Type of property: Complex of residence, office and Commercial
  • Total Lever: Sun Grand City consists of 2 Tower S1 & S2, each with 21 and 23 stories
  • Size of apartment: 47 – 175 sq.m and penthouses, from 1 – 4 bedrooms
  • Basements: S1 – 4 basements and S2 – 5 basements

Sun Grand City will be handed over and operated at the end of 2018 with luxury class apartments for lease in Hanoi City, built-in modern and contemporary furniture plus Westlake view from living rooms and bedrooms. Contact us to set an inspection today.

Average of rental apartments in Sun Grand City Thuy Khue, Tay Ho?

  • Studio apartments (56m2 ), the rent from: $900 ~ $1100/ Month.
  • 2-bedroom apartments (92 m2 ~ 102 m2), rental fee: $900 ~ 1100 /month.
  • 3-bedroom apartments (125m2 ~ 140 m2), price: $1600$ ~ $1800 /month.
  • 4-bedroom apartments (165m2 ~ 167 m2), price: $2500 ~ $2700/month.