Things to keep in mind when going thue phong o ghep and tim nguoi o ghep

Meta: Renting a room in tim phong o ghep is what most people who have transferred their work or study to another area need to do. The current cho thue phong tro work has appeared with many tricks, negative behaviors. Therefore, when you want to rent a room, it is necessary to take certain precautions to preserve the personal interests of the tenant.

For a long time, the sharing of apartments or motels has become very popular among students and migrant workers. Renting accommodation is an effective solution to help you reduce expensive costs of life. Homestay is considered a reasonable solution, helping young people share the expensive costs of living away from home… However, you need to note the following to limit the risks when thue phong o ghep and tim nguoi o ghep  apartment or motel room. And here are some very useful notes that anyone should know when looking for people to share an apartment or boarding room.

Post information on websites to quickly find a room cho thue phong tro

Reputable real estate websites to quickly reach people in need

To quickly find people to share, you can ask your friends or post information on your own facebook profile and room rental groups, find rooms… Another quick and effective way is to post information to find people to live in on reputable real estate websites to quickly reach people in need.

Learn carefully the object in graft

It is very important to learn carefully about the objects in grafting. Currently, many crooks pretend to find a room and then steal property, so you need to learn carefully the object of the transplant. You need to know the basic information of them such as name, hometown, occupation, other living habits… In addition, knowing about the school where your friend goes to school, or location, name of agency, public  company that you work with also need to know. After you have chosen someone you like, you need to ask them to quickly present their identification and register for temporary residency at the local government where you rent a room (thue phong). This allows you to check the authenticity of your identity papers, in case a theft still has a clue to track.

If you are a student, you should prioritize the people from the same school to ensure the same time together. Not only that, but you can also support each other in school. For easy access to the same school, you should rent a room tim phong o ghep in the area near the school.

You should choose to live with someone who is at the same age as you

Besides, you should also choose to live with someone who is at the same age as you. In the process of living together, living together with people close to your age will be more comfortable because it is easier for you to share your views, frankly express your opinions and suggestions.

Limit to buy together

When staying in grafting, it is best to minimize the purchase of items to avoid inconvenience if someone moves. In general, residents can change rooms at any time for many reasons such as returning home, relocating… Therefore, limiting the purchase of common things tim nguoi o ghep helps you not be awkward when anyone moves.

There should be a private room fund

You sharing a room should have a separate fund to facilitate paying for some arising problems such as damaged light bulbs or buying water, buying toilet paper is both convenient but also saves you significantly compared to  buying retail and then dividing money.

Should divide the day on duty

Should keep your room clean and tidy at all times

The purpose is to keep your room clean and tidy at all times. The division schedule must be specific to do each specific job such as cleaning the house, the toilet, emptying the garbage, cooking, shopping.

  • Agree together some general rules
  • From the beginning, you and your partner should agree on some general rules to make everyone feel comfortable, such as:
  • Do not take friends of the opposite sex to the room
  • Evening lights off time.  If anyone gets up early, stays up late, they must be very gentle and use the study light to not wake everyone up.
  • Do not play music too loud in the room
  • Do not take friends to drink in the room

Whose belongings are used by others, they do not arbitrarily use other people’s belongings without consulting.

The above are essential notes when looking for a shared room tim phong o ghep and o chung phong tro hope to help you quickly find the right partner to not only share the cost of life but also motivate and share the joys and sorrows in life.

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