Notes when looking for female sharing rooms – rooms are extremely helpful

Meta: In big cities, it has become very popular to find people to share to save on living costs as well as to have a friend to exchange and share after a day of study and work has become very popular. Therefore, you can easily find posts for female recruiting in graft – boarding rooms.

Sapo: However, in the combination between strangers, apart from interesting and beneficial things, there are also many tragic stories. This article was written by us to help you get better mentally prepared as well as what you need to keep in mind when looking for women (nu o ghep) to share – a boarding room.

Choose an area that meets your needs

Not only the students, but also those who have worked want to find accommodation (nha tro) near the school, company. This brings a lot of convenience helping you to save travel time, participate in activities at school and company more easily. Especially, it is also easier to find accommodation. On the other hand, many of you choose an accommodation that is close to the school and close to the market or residential area that is convenient for buying food or essential items and easily has convenient routes for travel such as buses. In return, costs such as electricity, water, sanitation, etc… are lower and the living environment is better.

Should survey through many different inns

This is the fastest way to help you determine the market price of that area. To avoid being coerced or deceived, you should do a series survey and decide whether to hire or not. You can also ask questions of the people living in the hostels or the student brothers and sisters for objective information.


Depending on the location of the school / company, choose a place that suits you

Alo Nha Tro there are have many options for you to choose from: go search directly, find information online, through brokers. Nowadays, the way to find accommodation online is much more efficient and used by many people with the advantages of not spending much effort and cost like finding a room “Tim phong” directly, having more room information and more competition, so it’s easier to rent get a cheaper accommodation.

Pay attention to the security of the inn

Security is very important, so you need to check that the gate, doors and windows of the inn are safe and secure, have any damage? Is there a small alley in the entrance to the inn, is there a light, is there a lot of bushes and many people pass by? In cities, social evils are quite complicated, so keeping yourself safe is essential. To be safer, you should also prepare yourself a small dagger or a little chili powder, pepper powder in case of an emergency that can protect yourself.

This is the first thing that needs to be taken into account when renting a room nha tro, in order to have a good room, do not stay in a place with too many complex components such as markets, bus stations etc… but also do not be too deserted like the areas motel in empty land. You should choose the location of the accommodation 100-300 meters away from schools and markets.

Agree on the charges with the host and roommate (nu o ghep)

Accommodation costs should be agreed up from the outset as not all homestay owners are transparent about these fees. So you should discuss carefully with the landlord the main items such as: how much money / kWh for electricity or how much money / m3 of water. Is the utility bill shared and divided equally or is the cost of the room paid for by the room, is the utility meter shared by the room you want to rent,…? 

You should also check the electricity and water meters and record the milestone number on the first day until the utility bill is calculated to avoid confusion and price pressure by the landlord. In particular, if you want to find a girl to live with one or more friends (nu o ghep), you should also be clear with your roommates about the fees for conflicts, unnecessary quarrels, it is best to contract from the beginning.


Do not invite too many friends to live with, just have enough quantity

Find a roommate

For those who do not have enough economy to live alone in a room, because the room rate is too high. The best way is to find a roommate to share the fees. The best way is to bring in friends from the same hometown or you know for easy living.

If not, then think about the plan to post information or post information to find people to join. Finding female friends who are suitable for you is also not easy, you note that for unfamiliar roommates, at first you should keep your property safe because there are some cases. The next day your roommate disappears along with your property. But note that you should not invite too many friends to live together, just have enough quantity because too much will affect the quality of life and the quality of your study.

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