8 benefits and 5 inconveniences when renting an apartment to stay

Renting an apartment to live is a choice for many people, especially young couples. However, there are still a lot of people wondering what the advantages and disadvantages of renting in an apartment. Here, we will help you solve this problem through the article below!

  1. The convenience when renting an apartment to stay
    Apartments are one of the most popular housing types and receive many choices. Especially in big, densely populated cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. When renting an apartment to stay, customers will enjoy their own convenience.

1.1. Rent an apartment to ensure security

Whether renting a mini apartment or a large scale, the security factor is always guaranteed for residents. They are much better than renting a ground house. Because in these apartments there is a security team that regularly checks and is available 24/7. In addition, some places also equipped with modern security camera systems to help comprehensive monitoring, anytime. This has contributed to bring peace of mind for all people living, working.

1.2. Green living space, airy when renting an apartment

Apartment projects, even the mini apartment for rent now, not only focus on the apartments but also the surrounding living space. They are designed and built with green and airy living spaces.

With reasonable building density, lots of trees, residents will enjoy the fresh air. Moreover, each apartment also welcomes light and natural wind. This helps bring a relaxed life, comfortable space for people living in the apartment.

1.3. Clean public hygiene

If you rent a house on the ground, it is not common to throw rubbish and soil in the common area. However, in apartment buildings, public sanitation is always kept clean.

Because the people living have a good sense of keeping the living space clean. Moreover, there are always cleaning staff at the apartment complexes. Such tasks as cleaning public areas, tending, trimming trees, etc. are done daily. They contribute to creating a clean environment, clean living space.

1.4. Many modern and comfortable living utilities

When renting, you not only live in the apartment space but also enjoy the modern and comfortable living utilities. Especially the recent projects are more invested in utilities. Such as health system – health care, schools, amusement parks, shopping centers, … This will help residents without having to go far still have access to utilities serving their needs, daily life.

1.5. There is a management board to assist with the problem

Each apartment building has a management board. This team will help residents solve issues related to rights and benefits for households. Therefore, when living here, you will be guaranteed quality of life, problems that occur will have the right and effective solution.

1.6. The environment helps children develop comprehensively

Renting an apartment to stay is also the perfect choice for young couples. Because this is an environment that helps children develop comprehensively.

The apartments are now integrated with many amenities such as amusement parks, parks, shopping centers in Hanoi, schools, hospitals, … This will be a condition for children to practice their ability to communicate with friends. same age group. At the same time have a growth environment for the whole body.

1.7. There is a comfortable, spacious parking

Finding a convenient parking location is a headache for many people. When renting a room or house on the ground, the parking area is often very limited. Because the land area is used by landlords to maximize the rental.

Meanwhile, in the apartments, basements are often built underneath the buildings as parking spaces. Therefore, you will not have to worry about where to transport your vehicle. Even cars of relatives and friends are still comfortable to play.

1.8. The rent is suitable for many subjects

Certainly, when renting an apartment, the price will be higher than renting with a room. But with the utilities, synchronous equipment, modern facilities, this price is completely reasonable.

Moreover, currently, on the market, there are many places for rent mini apartments. Competitive prices give customers a variety of choices, suitable for your pocket. If anyone is limited financially can rent a mini apartment in Hanoi. In contrast, anyone who is abundant in affordability can rent a larger area.

2. Limitations when renting an apartment to live
Although, renting a 2-bedroom mini apartment has many advantages as above. But they still have their own drawbacks.

2.1. Restrictions on repairs changes at their discretion when renting an apartment

Because of you rent, only live temporarily for that apartment. Therefore, you are quite limited in repairing, changing, arranging room space as you like.

In addition, when renting an apartment, this is even more difficult. If you rent or rent a house in a separate area, you can change the structure with the consent of the landlord. But with an apartment, you must ask for permission from the building management, the authorities. At the same time must meet the strict rules related to this issue.

2.2. There are many costs incurred

When renting apartments to live in, they don’t just cost a monthly rent. But also bear many other related fees. Each month, you will be charged parking fees, building maintenance fees, security fees, elevator fees, …

These fees combined will cost you a small fee. Therefore, you should agree, ask the landlord to determine the exact amount you have to pay. At the same time, they also help to avoid surprises when notified of unexpected charges.

2.3. Regulation, strict management

At present apartments to ensure security as well as a nice living environment for all residents, a number of regulations are in place. You need to adhere strictly. Therefore, some of your rights will be limited.

2.4. The incident was associated with many apartments

As we all know, the apartments are built in succession, adjacent to each other. Therefore, if something goes wrong, they will affect not only one family but also many surrounding apartments. Therefore, if there is an incident near the apartment you rent, it is difficult to avoid this.

2.5. High risk of fire and explosion

Another inconvenience when renting an apartment to stay is facing high risk of fire and explosion. In recent times the apartment fires are no stranger. Many cases have serious consequences. Not only property damage but also injured many people, even taking the lives of some residents.

Therefore, before renting, you should check the fire protection system of the apartment. If you are outdated or damaged or not yet approved, verified by the competent authorities, you should consider renting there.

Thus, through the above analysis, we can see, renting apartments to stay has advantages and inconveniences. However, for young people, newly married families, choosing an apartment to rent is still the most economical and convenient option.