Overview of Vinhomes Symphony Long Bien

Following the success of Vinhomes Riverside and Vinhomes The Harmony projects, Vingroup continues to develop the Vinhomes Symphony apartment project.

Markets in the Northeast of Hanoi as of late are developing, from foundation frameworks to utilities. The interest in living and working is additionally expanding, prompting the expanding lodging request. One of the splendid spots in the northeastern locale of the capital is being packed by clients, including the Vinhomes Symphony venture – the green pearl of the capital.

Apartment for rent in Vinhomes Symphony Long Bien

Location of Vinhomes Symphony Long Bien

Vinhomes Symphony is situated on Chu Huy Man Street – the vastest and most wonderful course in Long Bien District with eight paths of traffic. This is additionally an ideal spot, in the focal zone of the metropolitan region, one side confronting Vincom Plaza Long Bien, one side sitting above Dinosaur Park and one side nearby the green waterway.

Vinhomes Symphony Complex comprises of 5 high rises and a place of business planned by acclaimed engineering firm Humphreys and Partners (USA). Notwithstanding the basic offices of the metropolitan zone, Vinhomes Symphony possesses special inward scenes, for example, pools, strolling ways and bunches of utilities reenacting the Greek lia (Lyre). All are purposefully masterminded with BBQ garden disregarding the waterway, yards, wellsprings, youngsters’ play areas, sports field framework … making an amicable and remarkable entirety.

Vinhomes Symphony offers decisions that suit a wide scope of clients. The condos have an adaptable zone of 37 m2 – 119.5 m2, proportional to 1-3 rooms, cleverly planned, boost daylight and wind to guarantee the best personal satisfaction for clients.

Regarding security, Vinhomes Symphony will be worked by the 5-star standard of Vinhomes with day in and day out security framework, including observation camera framework and a severe external security group – guaranteeing supreme wellbeing for inhabitants. individuals.

Vinhomes Symphony Scale

The Vinhomes Symphony Riverside project complex consists of 7 apartment buildings and an office building (S1, S2, S3, S5, S6), with a maximum height of about 15 floors, a total of 1500 apartments. With a location opposite Vincom Plaza Long Bien, adjacent to the office tower and overlooking the park. Whereby:

S1 Tower has a total construction floor area (excluding the basement) of about 17,888.5 m2; the floor area for use of apartments is about 12,360 m2. The total number of apartments is 207 units.

S2 Tower has a total construction floor area (excluding the basement) of about 17,584.5 m2; the floor area for use of apartments is about 12,263.8 m2. The total number of apartments is 209 units.

S3 Tower has a total construction floor area (excluding the basement) of about 13,556.7 m2; the floor area for use of apartments is about 9,195.1 m2. The total number of apartments is 150.

S5 Tower has a total construction floor area (excluding the basement) of about 21,581.4 m2; the floor area for use of apartments is about 14,228 m2. The total number of apartments is 232.

S6 Tower (including S6A and S6B) has a total construction floor area (excluding the basement) about 57,852 m2; the floor area for use of apartments is about 39,594.5 m2. The total number of apartments is 702.

Vinhomes Symphony Utilities

Vinhomes Symphony has a total of 7 towers from 10 – 15 floors: S1, S2, S3, S5, S6.A, S6.B

Vinhomes Symphony Utilities

Particularly, the high rise with the focal situation of the metropolitan zone is perceived as the “best on the planet” Vinhomes Riverside – inhabitants of Vinhomes Symphony appreciate the entire scene, extraordinary green space, and numerous frameworks. 5-star remarkable offices: Infrastructure, streets, schools, business focuses, culinary focuses, and elite gathering Almaz … has been working steadily for a long time.

Combining the pith of present-day life, the speculator makes Vinhomes Symphony with full civilities for a high-class private network with a scope of innovation utilities. Occupants here will have equivalent admittance to 5-star utilities to address the issues of shopping, diversion, food, wellbeing, training, …

  • Arrangement of shopping centers Vincom, Vinmart, Vinpro, Cinema, BBQ
  • Arrangement of youngsters’ play areas and exercise centers
  • Vinmec wellbeing framework, Vinschool training, between school
  • Solid reinforcement power framework in open territories, focal cooling is steady.

Shophouse framework is found right at the foot of the structures, mixed with shopping promenades, carrying comfort to occupants as well as promising to carry the complex to turn into the focal point of the metropolitan region with the pace of life. generally energizing.

Alluring rental cost

At the Vinhomes Symphony venture, condos at lease at sensible costs, reasonable for an assortment of occupants, particularly those with normal salary, little families.

Propelled by the possibility of an “Orchestra ensemble”, the financial specialist of Vinhomes Symphony venture wishes to bring inhabitants a quiet, serene life here. Here, occupants will encounter life to the fullest gratitude to the cutting edge inward and outer utility framework.

Vinhomes Symphony condo is an advanced plan with a territory extending from 37m2 – 119, 5m2, planned from 1-3 rooms sensibly, appropriate to the requirements and monetary capability of family units, individual or client gathering. With a cutting edge plan, the condos are given adequate regular light, from a high view to respect the all-encompassing perspective on the space inside the metropolitan region, with more than 70ha of green space, 18.8km of channels and 12.4 hectares of the lake is cool.

A lofty financial specialist

Vingroup is one of the best 10 most esteemed land speculators in Vietnam. With the objective of bringing predominant quality land items, bringing the global standard living experience to clients, VinGroup is slowly attesting a strong situation of the mainland engineer. Vietnam.

Contributed by a trustworthy and potential unit like Vingroup, Vinhomes Symphony brings believability and the outright significant serenity to clients about item quality just as appealing speculation openings.

The venture is viewed as the most recent region created from Vinhomes Riverside eco-metropolitan zone. With the legacy and advancement of exceptional incentive about the scene. Living condition, utility framework, and private engineering, Vinhomes Symphony vows to present to you the absolute best life at the correct cost.

How much to rent an apartment in Vinhomes Symphony?

The rent depends on the living area, location of floor, views, layout, and furniture inside. Average rental apartments in Vinhomes Symphony as below;

  • Studio apartment: 33,2 – 41,9 sq.m, for rent from 450 $ – 600 $/month
  • 2-bedroom apartment: 50,8 – 71 sq.m, for rent from 650 $ – 900 $ / month
  • 3-bedroom apartment: 78,6 – 90,1 sq.m, for rent from 850 $ – 1000 $ / month

How much to buy & sell an apartment in Vinhomes Symphony?

Vinhomes Symphony with 7 buildings, come with 1500 apartments from 33 – 120m2, designed 1 – 4 bedrooms,

Average buying and selling price of Vinhomes Symphony’ apartments from VND 32 – 38 Million / m2

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