Sunshine City luxury apartments at Ciputra Hanoi

Overview of Sunshine City apartment

Sunshine City is one of the most high-class apartment projects in Hanoi. The key project has a prime location in the Nam Thang Long urban area, thanks to its luxurious European classical architecture and exquisite design that will surely captivate every customer.

Located in the most livable urban area in the west of Hanoi, Sunshine City is like a diamond converging the quintessence of modern cities in the world, raising the life of every resident into a superior art of living to save.

 Sunshine City- alphahousng
Sunshine City Hanoi

The prime location of Sunshine City apartment

Sunshine City is located in a residential area of ​​Nam Thang Long Ciputra Hanoi, rich land where prosperity and prosperity represent a high-class and convenient life. From the project, residents can easily move to famous places such as West Lake, Red River, or Hanoi city center … via arterial roads such as Lac Long Quan, Vo Chi Cong, Nhat Tan Bridge, Thang Long Bridge, Pham Van Dong …

Owning a golden position that can easily overlook West Lake with airy space, Nhat Tan Bridge, Red River, Sunshine City also inherits the extremely fresh and airy atmosphere from the system of air-conditioning parks. Atmosphere such as Botanic Park, Thu Le Park, Ho Ngoc Khanh, Ho Tay… Sunshine City Apartment fully converges class and difference elements, and confidently affirms that it is a real project. the most livable property in the area.

location Sunshine City
Location Sunshine City Hanoi

Modern utility system of Sunshine City project

As the most luxurious urban area that applies the famous “city within a city” model in the world, Sunshine City brings utilities for a complete life, becoming the first choice of the fine community. flower. Residents living here enjoy a perfect life with a system of more than 40 internal facilities (shopping centers, spas, gyms, etc.) along with available facilities located in Ciputra urban areas such as golf courses, national schools. …

Designing green and impressive landscapes, creating a thriving feng shui within the Sunshine City project area is specially cared for. Fountains, foursome symbols Prosperity intertwined with the fresh colors of trees and flowers. Green is everywhere, not only around hanging gardens, swimming pools, and playgrounds but also dotted on balconies, balustrades, and lovely garden corners in apartments on high-rise buildings.

Not only that, in Sunshine City apartment, residents also enjoy many exclusive utilities such as helicopter parking on the rooftop of the high-rise blocks, aerial walkways, high-class sky bar, or overflowing pool. Extremely unique, breaking all limits of vision, opening up a spacious landscape and wonderfully relaxing space. This is a separate utility system that makes each resident’s level different.

utilities in Sunshine City
Sky panorama swimming pool

The interior design of Sunshine City apartment

The elegance and luxury of French architecture are reflected in each Sunshine City apartment through a system of high-class gold-plated interior equipment. In particular, the gold-plated bathroom furniture provided by Kohler takes the form of a 5-star hotel with all the walls, floors, and floors of Mable stone tiles in luxurious tones.

Brand new apartment for rent in Sunshine City, Hanoi
Sunshine City apartment

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