The trick to renting an apartment for inexperienced people

Finding a pleasant apartment with good rent is very difficult. Especially for first-time renters who are inexperienced. Here are some notes to know when renting an apartment for first-time tenants.

The article will be divided into 2 main sections:

  • Before coming to see the apartment.
  • When to see the apartment.

Before finding the address to rent an apartment
The first thing to do before coming to see the apartment is to call the landlord. And confirm the person you are contacting is the owner of the apartment or broker. If the person you are contacting is the host, ask for some basic information. Specifically: the address of the apartment, the rent, average electricity, water per month, service charges of the building …

On the other hand, if the person you are contacting is a broker, you should ask for the service fee (if any) when taking the tour to see the house. You can also ask for a broker to pay a service fee if you rent a house.

Note more about brokerage service fees. Usually, the broker will provide you with a housing search contract. There is a refund policy if the house cannot be found within the specified time (usually 10 days) from the date of signing.

Go to the direct view before renting the apartment you need
When looking at an apartment, you should pay attention to the direction of the house, the number and location of windows in the apartment. How the surrounding landscape, the environment is clean and quiet … To ensure a comfortable living space, comfort and suit the needs of your apartment.

The electricity and water system of the apartment you want to rent is an important point to check next. If possible, you should seek assistance from experienced people to rent an apartment to check.

Try moving from the apartment to your workplace and family members to estimate distance. This will also help you visualize the traffic situation in this area or not. In addition, you should also pay attention to the distance from the apartment you want to rent to the commercial center. Or markets, bus stations, hospitals, schools …

Before deciding to rent an apartment, you should take the time to see the house at different times to better understand the living environment there. For example, if the location of the apartment is in the direction of getting more sunlight, you may have to spend some cooling to stay home at those times.