Important considerations when making an apartment rental contract

  • Verify the landlord: You should ask the landlord to show ID, apartment ownership certificate. Or check the tax return or photocopy of the registration to confirm the real status of the apartment tenant. Or is the second owner. If you are the second owner, you must request a contract with the main owner. Find out if a deal is strictly forbidden to sublease someone else.
  • Rent: When will the rent be paid? How long is the lease term (preferably full day month year)? How to pay the apartment rental? If the long-term lease can negotiate a rent reduction or not?
  • Deposit: How much is the deposit? When can I not rent an apartment and get a refund?
  • Other costs: How are electricity and water charged? Who is paying for internet, cable TV, service – operation – maintenance fees? In addition, you should check the electricity and water before moving in. Make sure the amount you pay in the star month is calculated correctly.
  • Termination of the lease: The rental period has not expired but does not want to rent anymore, how much notice? Is there an agreement on liability for breach of contract (early termination of the lease)? What is the time to refund the deposit (if any)? On the other hand, when the landlord takes back his house, he will have to notify the tenant in a certain amount of time. Besides, there must be clearly defined compensation when the contract is terminated ahead of time.
  • Household appliances: What furnishings and homeowners provide, how do they use them? For the current devices are not good, you should take photos as evidence to avoid trouble later.
  • Special constraints: Understand that the landlord has any special restrictions? For example, are pets allowed?
  • If the content of the apartment rental contract has a repair place. The two sides need to seal or sign together to avoid future disputes.